About A Week Ago: being blue, singing in the rain, and rollin' with the punches

Week of July 17, 2017

As I set out to highlight the who behind the what on the social justice scene (podcast coming soon!), I find myself filling myself up even more than usual. And time couldn't be more perfect with this seemingly endless time I have to research, write, snap mini polaroids, and watch alllllll of the sci-fi and anime that Netflix has to offer. The most important word in the previous sentence is "seemingly". It's my truth right now, I'll own it. So as you read about my continual dive into the world of anime and my oneness with rain, think about what gives you energy to push "go" on life. 

Blue Exorcist

A merging of teenage-ness with themes of guilt, abandonment, and battling inner (literally) demons- I spent part of my week watching Blue Exorcist on Netflix. Since the swift first season of Castlevania I've been looking for something along those lines. Do understand that Castelevania and Blue Exorcist really have nothing in common except demons walking the Earth tryin' folks and a moody main character on a quest to defeat them. You can't blame me for trying. The show started out semi-dark (which I enjoyed), got lighter as it continued (le sigh), and then felt like a race to the end that you didn't agree to be a part of.  Because of the initial strong hook, I kept watching. This show can be interesting as long as you separate what it started out as from what it turned into...   It should also be noted that my favorite characters (Mephisto, Kuro, Shiro Fujimoto) are not the main carriers of the show...     What I'm saying is- watch at your own discretion. 

 Also, they changed theme songs in the middle of the season? Not cool. Not. Cool.

What stuck? A scene where a character's summoned protectors turn on her because they sense her mixed feels about the order she has given to help her friend.

Why? Be confident as you venture in the world lest your gifts be used against you. And also, don't be weird about helping friends! 

One-Punch Man

This show is "all powerful hero" done right. Whereas Superman doesn't get a second glance from me, One-Punch Man drew me in from the first episode. He's bored but he cares! One-Punch Man follows Saitama as he navigates life as a hero who can take out villains with - you guessed it- just one punch. Even with the premise the battles scenes are still interesting if only to view Saitama's boredom and be subjected to the chuckle worthy personalities of the villains, fellow heroes, and innocent bystanders. You won't want to look away, and you shouldn't, because - subtitles, nuances, and it's actually good... To the last drop too - pay attention to the credits (a la Marvel movies) because it's where you'll hear final words from defeated monsters or upcoming villains. And because the show's hero hate long monologues from friend and foe alike, this is the only chance they have to do it! 

In other words- tune in please. 

What stuck? The laughter

Why? Because I can't be refreshed to endure life's tougher moments without it


Send It On Down

"We need to feel your anointing, Let it fall fresh on me" 

I find beauty in being rain soaked. I cherish the liveliness of it on my skin, how pleasantly surrounded it makes me feel. But as my eye caught a homeless woman huddled underneath a cracked bus stop structure, I remembered what a privilege my stance on rain is. Because my other needs are met, I feel cinematic when it pours. This woman has no refuge to speak of. What is a natural occurrence becomes a chore. And in that same breath I can't speak for her. Maybe she loves the rain all the same as I do. I won't know but she does. I would have loved to ask but who am I? All I could muster was to ask the One Up Above to send her a word, a blessing, some warmth. 

Here's The Thing

Live your truth. Think you have nothing to offer? Lies. I just wrote a post about anime and rain.. and you read it. This blog, if you think about it, is random. But it's my lens and it works. And now I bid you farewell to enjoy your own week of your own truths.