About A Week Ago: Castlevania, #NoIroning, and Civic Responsibility

Week of July 3, 2017

Ah, life has been life and I’m finally catching up on the small happenings during the week of July 3rd. There was rooftop laughter and Netflix binging  with the most eventful part of the week being a weird display of civic responsibility. Here goes:

We'll start On Wednesday because that's when things pick up. My world was positively shifted coming across this post by “The Skinny Confidential” on portable steamers: http://frame.bloglovin.com/?post=5740847409&blog=2799629&frame_type=none  It oddly never crossed my mind this being an option, I can’t unsee it, and I must have one now. If this seems like a weird item to put in a blog post that should ideally be about sci-fi and social justice... it is. But I'm random and need it to be understood how much this find matters to me. Ironing and I have never seen eye to eye- different missions, different morals.


On Saturday I dragged (not kidding) myself out of bed to be a responsible resident. I could write a coherent post about the Minneapolis DFL Convention but it wouldn’t do what occurred, and what I experienced, justice. So here are rambles taken on my phone during an incredibly long day:

  • Held at the convention center in downtown Minneapolis, I attended the Minneapolis DFL convention- the first of its kind that I've ever been to. I stood in what was called "the line of lines" to obtain my delegate badge. Truth be told I didn't want to be there that morning- I was tired, had quite a few things on my plate, and plenty on my mind. But I set out to do this so I'm doing this!
  • I've never had so many candidates want to cozy up to me. But as is typical, the post-election scene will show true colors. I don't want to hear your elevator speech or wear your stickers- I want to see what you'll do. The complacency, MN nice culture, and lack of thinking outside of the box also must be addresses if we're to remedy the ills in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes".
  • I need communication to happen (eyes person managing Facebook page who posted 9 hours before the convention that no outside food is allowed...) Remember- this is potentially a 14 hour day people have signed up for. Making it hard for people who can’t afford $8.00 hotdogs… You can do better. I know you can. You’re choosing not to. But thankfully rules are meant to broken and many didn’t.
  • The space felt wildly (I want you to know how many times I wrote "wildling"… where are you season 7 of GOT!?!) unorganized. You can't ask for "order in the auditorium" when you've done nothing in advance to support that requested order. Plus no wonder these things are expected to go on forever... the logistics aren't well planned out.
  • I settled into a seat in a section allegedly (because I was able to slip in) reserved media. And likely because I recognize that’s part of my life purpose. I weirdly felt much better about showing up for the convention. Yeah this is a cool process that leaves you feeling like there's some type of power you have in shaping one's community. But actually…
  • Discovering chargers on each chair in the auditorium chairs was a moment because it meant I wouldn't have to leave my spot to maintain the juice needed to document this day!
  • Lies only seats in the back of the auditorium have them. I sadly learned this after taking a seat in my ward/precinct section. Nearly two hours after I arrived (at 10am) we finally convened… People talked, I kind of cared. It’s really about what happens after- but I still listened. 
  • "I don't understand the minority report. If it's minority- why are we entertaining it"- said by a fellow delegate. And to that I say yikes! In a nutshell that's America. And that's definitely Minnesota. 
  • -Without Mark Dayton we'd look like Wisconsin" said by governor candidate Tim Walz. My response? Y'all coming close by being number 2 on the worst states for black people to live. Lovely scenery but the inclusivity this candidate spoke of is a lie. But anyway... 
  • I got desperate and bought caved to the hotdog/French fry combo for $8.50. I was ashamed and appalled (the food and the price, honestly mostly the food). Also, there is no Coca Cola. I don't trust places that only have Pepsi products. 
  • I usually call mayor candidate Jacob Frey by the name Walder Frey... and not because I know the inner depths of him/his politics. I just watch far too much Game of Thrones (the show & theory videos, it's a problem). Please note: I do not base my voting habits on weird associations to dark fantasy shows.
  • "We can't say we're the best park system in the country when we have so much left to do"- Brad Bourn of District 6 park board. 
  • One of the people running the meeting looks like Karl Lagerfield of Chanel. I can't unsee it.
  • "Those who wanted more time to unfreeze the floor can lynch us later"- JP Barone of the DFL. My row booed as did others. And there was an immediate calling out of his word choice. Barone's response? "Yes I apologize, I'm 61 so that was a term often used in my time,etc". I’d say I was appalled but that’s a lie... again, that's Minnesota.
  • The day started out with pretty packed house but so many have filtered out throughout the day. Those in my ward/precinct row are wondering whether we'll have enough people to endorse a candidate? Will there even be time? It's nearly 5:30pm


Captain Jack Sparrow had much more to say than I expected. 

I was much more interested listening to Raymond Dehn than I was of him on paper. 

I felt as though Al Flowers would be a better lead of an organization than mayor

Aswar Rahman could be a city investment consultant

A guy behind Tom Hoch looked like a young Matt Damon

Jacob Frey spoke a couple of sentences in Somali- he seemed more impressed with himself than the crowd was haha. 

You'll note that there is just one sentence per candidate. That's on purpose- go to their websites, do your outside research, talk to them, talk to others, and then make your judgement. 

  • Almost everyone wanted to mention police brutality and Philando Castile. Will tangible things come out of it? #KanyeShrug   Slogans over actual work seems to be a pillar of communities. 
  • Many of us struggled through a discussion on mosquito birth control and commercial pesticides- not because this isn't something that affects us directly/indirectly ... but because it's a complex issue that shouldn't be dealt with in this simple/antiquated convention style manner. 
  • Somebody vaped, another lost their card, someone couldn't find keys, wallets were casually misplaced, and a few started doing yoga (not kidding). People got testy and black pepper spicy. There are a few of things that happen when trapped in an auditorium all day. 
  • And at 21:02 I said byyyye. That's 9:02pm for those of you who don't like the 24hour clock. #ThanksFrenchClass So what came of it all? Check out the endorsements here and the #fail here. I'll leave a comment from the latter article for where I think we ought to go next: 

"It should be possible to accomplish all that in less than 11 hours. There could be shorter events with pre-defined schedules that are devoted exclusively to speeches and debates. Speeches and debates could be live-streamed and recorded for viewing later. If candidates take questions, viewers at home (or at viewing parties, if you want to be social but don't want to go to a convention center?) could send in their questions electronically. Those who want to gather in a large arena could still do so, for the "live" experience and to learn from side conversations. Butthere is no reason to require people to spend 11 hours to get access. For many people, 11 hours is cost-prohibitive."


On Sunday I ended the weekend binging on Netflix’s adaption of the video game Castlevania.  The Castlevania universe is new to me. So depending on who you are and where you stand you’ll have a different take on this adaptation. Pause to learn more then come back. (DO NOT GET LOST ON YOUTUBE) 

What to Know Before Watching Castlevania: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwLJ4xHMNgU 

Castlevania Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0kaYs8SbMs

Glad you’re back (many of you probably hours later… Because, YouTube). Moving along: I recommend taking a small chunk of your weekend to dive in. If you have a faint heart this may not be for you OR you can use it to build up your tolerance! I was slow getting into the first episode, then it picked up, held onto me, and at it’s height ended…  So be prepared that there are only 4 quick episodes. Get attached but don’t…? Idk, live your life people. Anywho, the ending credits left me seeking anime on Netflix and getting back into Naruto (a show I dabbled in a few times years ago while crashing on my cousin’s couch).

“For evil bastards to win power, all ordinary people have to do is stand aside and keep quiet. There’s always a choice.”- Trevor Belmont #WhenACartoonSumsUpThisCountryCalledAmerica