About A Week Ago: climate change, white walkers, & county commissioners

Week of June 5, 2017

On a blue-skied weekday afternoon, while reading on a rooftop, I was burned into oblivion. A background on my relationship with the Minnesota sun: it usually reflects off of me- never tinting my already tinted skin. But within an hour I had received additional shades and a peeling I'd only heard about but never knew/seen firsthand. I laughed about it with friends "that's that young global warming" while also being unsettled. Then as life does the distractions marched right on in with puffed chests... Many ellipses later I was nudged by a Vice News episode on climate denial as I attempted to binge on the fashion side of YouTube. Catching the hint I've begun looking into what the Twin Cities is doing to be climate friendly and green with particular interest in how those not typically at the table are being engaged. Talked about futuristically, climate change is coming and already here - much like the white walkers. We can hang on to these iron thrones but it won't matter when we're burned or drowned into nonexistence.

Following a sleepless night, I pulled a multicolored blazer over a sparkly shirt and headed down to the government plaza for a meeting with Hennepin County's District 2 commissioner- Linda Higgins. Sometimes I question my version of meeting attire but was greeted with compliments upon entering the office. So I'll maintain my strong stance on wearing what makes you feel good and a #SparklesForDaytime advocate (a true movement to me). Anywho, I'm a pretty good judge of vibe with people and Commissioner Higgins + team gave off a good one. In a world that loves meetings it good to come across folk who are adamant about implementation. Higgins was professional while also being candid and welcoming. I left the meeting with resources that I'll list at the end of this blurb, a push to think about holding office, and an ask to attend their open meetings. Between this meeting and the time spent with Commissioner Marion Greene a couple of weeks ago this could be the start of something productive. What that will look like I can't yet say... but at the very least it's a human link between the community and the decision makers. A human link that's in and about the community. 

While I only had a coca-cola, I finally made it to Sammy's on West Broadway 9 months in to my return to Minneapolis. It definitely has a "where everybody knows your name" type of vibe- a perfect setting to have an informal meeting about lifting up our Minneapolis community and life with melanin. It was the 2nd meeting this week where I left feeling excited about what's to come. There is so much. There. Is. So. Much!