On This Particular Saturday

I opened my eyes on Saturday with the intent to attend 3 events in the Twin Cities. And while I only made it to 2, neither of which ended up being my thing, it was a lesson in still putting my fingertips to the keyboard regardless of the outcome. 

1. Keith Ellison's Resistance Summer Kick-Off Event:

Held in a room at the Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis, the idea of the gathering is to "turn the energy and passion of the resistance into victories at the ballot box." 

Who Was "At The Table"

Mostly white, mixture of which appeared to be in there 20s & 50s. I found this to be an interesting  age gap. I counted 11 people of color in the group of 50+ people. Of those POC only I am the only young one. 

Some Background

At one point, since the advertised 3:30pm start time was a lie, I put my headphones in and observed the room. Sure, I could chat but I'm getting more from standing back. There are many one-liners about renovations and the current heat wave occurring around me. Finally at 4:02pm (I'm being really exact here) Keith Ellison arrives joined by Peggy Flanagan, Fue Lee, Erin Maye Quade. Then there's an awkward moment when I realize that attending this event also means being a part of the clapping audience haha. I should have known since the event was called a live stream but there's something about me and the fine print... And obvious wording. 

What I Took Away: 

  • The resistance launch is happening across the U.S. Capstone celebration Labor Day weekend.
  • Erin May Quade is incredibly vivacious shed light on the hunger issues in Apple Valley (380% increase in childhood hunger since her time in the school system). She also shed light on the importance of people of color running for office and working as staffers.  
  • Peggy Flanagan has an incredible presence, pride in her Ojibwe heritage, and made me sit a little longer to hear what else would happen. As I made my 2nd attempt to leave Peggy uttered the sentence "Democrats are often too timid". So then I stayed just a bit longer because that's a comment I've been feeling for a while now. 
  • While events that get people excited or to strategize but I've been attending too many of them and not by choice. They're nice but my current journey requires more. 

If you're a Minnesotan (or just like to know things) visit these links to learn more about these elected officials: 

  • Keith Ellison: http://www.keithellison.org
  • Peggy Flanagan: http://peggyflanagan.org
  • Erin May Quade: http://erinforhouse.com
  • Fue Lee: http://www.fuelee.org


2. Neighborhood Bungalow and Art Market

After leaving the convention center I made my way to Washburn Fair Oaks park. Situated across from the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), I came across a flyer earlier in the week advertising live music, art, and food. I came upon it, watched it for a moment, and then continued on after picking up a vibe that wasn't meant for me. I noted later that the lens I have from my time in New England and the Mid-Atlantic means that at times I'll expect life there to somehow also be here. 

Feeling like the day was a bit of a bust I waltzed into the arms of the nearest Starbucks.  Not letting my uninspired mood get the best of me I decided to practice the stop motion technique. It was everything I needed. The end.

No thrills. No frills. Just another day. But I learned some things.