About A Week Ago: star trek, de la soul, and counsel

Week of June 19, 2017

I kicked off this week with a trip to Rise Bagel in Minneapolis' Warehouse District (North Loop for the newbies). This part of town has a NYC meat packing District look to it but with quite a different feel. Scallion cream cheese. You don't know how many awkward conversations I've had asking for scallion cream cheese at other places and hearing "but we have veggie cream cheese"... Naturally I'll keep returning to Rise Bagel because you can't beat a good bagel/cream cheese combo and nice people as the sun rises in the morning. 

The middle of the week reunited me with Hibachi Daruma at Marquette and 6th. Please don't skip their purple truck (I hear there's a blue one too)! Managing not to fall asleep after that yummy meal, I took a meeting for a branch of a national org that is looking to (and needs to) get off the ground. This will be the 2nd org that I believe can be kicked off stronger in the Twin Cities. Being scrappy, creative, and resilient is what I love about start-up style activities. This is the day I also learned that in-person meetings I'd been having that felt like they could phone calls was a cultural thing in Minnesota... ? 

The week ended with a flurry of oddly snapped photos, video checklists, and waiting patiently for political candidate's phone call that never came. By Sunday I was ready for Monday following an intro meeting that had good vibes, potential, and a needed shift. I was ready to move forward putting things in motion (and I also happen to actually enjoy Monday's!). 

You've made it to the end of this article and likely wondering what the title has to do with anything... Well, it's everything. It's how this digital space came to be and what's carrying me through a recent round of uncertainty and heartache. I'm "exploring strange, new worlds" to A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays, documenting life as it unfolds before me to Me, Myself, and I, and being mindful to seek counsel from Him.