About A Week Ago: silky-ish vest, Spanish first, and shooting practice

Week of June 12, 2017

Needing to get back to non-curated thrift stores, I kicked off the week with a trip to Saver's in South Minneapolis. Nostalgia galore. This is where I learned how to hunt (and be patient for) awesome finds. Little money growing up is what led me into Saver's doors, the love of a unique find kept me coming back. The trip was almost unsuccessful until I spotted a long, silky, cream vest. I've already married it off to a pair of silky-ish, cream high waisted trousers and a baby blue beret (neither of which I own).  Cool finds aside, this is a part of town that I need to re-explore. There's an old/new mix occurring on this part of Lake Street that needs more attention and context. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were a muddled mix of little sleep, many iced lattes, and reminders of the extreme lack of diversity in firms focused on design, marketing, and/or PR. While Minnesota is a mostly white place, I was still intrigued that rarely was there a person of melanin to be found on a staff list. With the recent campaign failures of major brands, firms ought to be more intentional about who is at their table. But for many of them it doesn't matter until it matters. 

Thursday saw me spending my evening at a general meeting for ISAIAH, a MN based organization on a mission to help communities effectively live out their faith in biblical justice and the common good. Spanish first. English second. Being in an event where you are the one needing the translation is important. I find myself listening to the language not native to me more than the translation that is meant for my ears. But back on topic- ISAIAH has a wealth of action items and events coming up that you'll catch here in my "about a week ago's". The push to plug in and be active is what's kept me volunteering with the organization. The coming weeks will see me in more offices, at the state capitol, and helping to rally the people. Because remember- we are the people.

Friday ended and Saturday began with me not able to find the words to describe the poor decision making that happened in MN regarding the not guilty verdict. So, I'll leave part of the ISAIAH Statement on the Not Guilty Verdict in the Homicide of Philando Castile here:


"The officer who killed Philando Castile was found not guilty on all counts. This is not justice. This is the reinforcement of a story that says, black people are to be feared and the perception of them as a threat will always supersede God’s will for life.

We are angry, devastated, frustrated, and hurt, but not surprised. We know that the laborious work of transforming hearts, minds and mentalities to reject racism and anti-blackness will not happen overnight. We have so much work to do. This trial is much larger than Officer Jeronimo Yanez or the many other homicide by police cases across the country. These events are about us.

This is about our complicity in a society that either encourages or tolerates a narrative about who is fully human and who isn’t. Who deserves and who doesn’t. We should all be wrestling with our own prejudices and biases that contribute to the demonic belief that fear of and violence toward black people is justified. This belief takes lives and makes justice an impossibility.

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! Amos 5:24"


We are of the Creator. We are also targets. Shooting practice. I'm exhausted. It's the type that has kept me away from social media with the only news I learn of being from a group chat of 3 close friends. It's also the type of exhaustion that leaves me split with Dr. Manhattan style thoughts and prayers to God.