Sci-Fi Over Medium

When it feels right I like to watch short sci-fi films over breakfast. It's a great alternative when I don't want to read but still want something intriguing to fill my brain. A reader most of my life- I've found myself in quite the steady relationship with quirky films (putting some distance between present day me and the "but the book is better" lady I was). There is also something to be said for my ability to concentrate that feels to be diminishing...? I've tasked myself with completing one item at a time, refraining from having 30 tabs open at once, and just generally scale back that "multi-tasking" I love to do to appear accomplished. Note: currently doing a poor job of holding myself accountable but writing about it is a good reminder. Now, back to sci-fi: 

The two films that I stumbled across last Tuesday were the same in their difference and I moved forward that day with a bit more purpose.  And since I set out only to be entertained that morning I'd say it is a win that I was given more. 

Thinking creatively about the unknown in The Narrow World:

A reminder to remain rooted while consuming the light in Jonah :